VHS 4K Scans

VHS 4K Scans

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Package Features

  • 4K upscaled tape scans
  • Organized elements/transitions from retro VHS players and tapes 
  • Delivered in pro-res 4K files 
  • Overlay onto footage, drag and drop into any video editor 

Time to go back to VHS days with 4K upscaled tape scans. One of the coolest ways to add a retro pop to your films is by adding elements/transitions that you just don't see anymore. I've dag through my old storage boxes and digitally recorded VHS tape scans and upscaled them to 4K so you don't have to. 

Inside you will find countless overlays that you can add to your films. Just drag and drop into any video editor and change the blend mode to screen, and your done!