Drone LUT Pack
Drone LUT Pack
Drone LUT Pack
Drone LUT Pack
Drone LUT Pack

Drone LUT Pack

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Package Features

  • 12 LUTs for DJI's DLOG/DLOG-M, D-Cinelike & standard color space
  • 3 folders of LUTs for each color space
  • Pack contains stylized, natural and tonal LUTs 
  • Drone picture profile settings included
  • Import these LUTs into Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, DaVinci Resolve or any program that supports 3D .cube files. 

Inside you will find the following LUTs:

  • 1 - Ambition
  • 2 - Executor
  • 3 - Apollo
  • 4 - Boom
  • 5 - Freedom
  • 6 - Aurora
  • 7 - Flash
  • 8 - Dawn
  • 9 - Vesper
  • 10 - Slayer
  • 11 - Firefly
  • 12 - Blackout

The Breakdown.

Every camera is different and requires a unique set of LUTs to get the best results while color grading. I’ve spent a handful of time dialing in various looks for the DJI color science. From punchy bold, natural and tonal looks – these LUTs are designed for many different scenarios.

Like my Sony LUT pack, I’ve arranged all the LUTs depending on their style. Starting with stylized, natural and finally tonal.

Compatible drones include: Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom / Mavic Mini / Spark / Mavic Pro Original / Phantom 4 Pro & Advanced / Phantom 4 Original / Mavic Air 1 & 2 / Inspire 1 & 2.

I recommend you use these LUTs with an adjustment layer that sits above all your clips, so you can tweak the original clips underneath. First apply the LUT to the adjustment layer then adjust the original clip’s temperature, curves and exposure until satisfied with the look. Some clips will not require any further adjustments, it will all depend on how they were shot.

Inside the pack you will find a PDF that includes my recommend settings for some of the most popular drones.

These LUTs are constructed to give your video footage a unique look fast. And will serve as an excellent way to get a grade in a pinch.   

Watch below – how I setup my drone and a quick color grading walk through.

Drone camera settings and grading process.

See the LUTs in use.


Q. What are LUTs?

LUTs are look up tables that alter the color values of an image or frame. In simple terms they are Instagram filters for your videos. You can quickly improve your video quality and color while saving loads of time during the grading process.

Q. How do I download the LUTs?

Promptly after purchase you will receive an email with a download link to the LUT pack. This download link will last for forever. If you ever lose the email, send a message to us using the contact form and we send you a new link.