Let’s take a second and talk about GEAR. I think we all get a little hit of energy when we hear that word. I’ve been in the photo/video game for over 5 years, slowly building my kit to where it is an essential part of my work. This article is meant as a guide for those creators looking for inspiration and guidance to building their photo/video kit. So here it is - all the tools I use.

The holy trinity of lenses: Having the ability to cover the focal lengths between 16-200mm has changed the game for me. When I first started prime lenses were my go to. This was mainly due to their price point, but as I started to take on more jobs having zoom lens became paramount. It has done wonders being able to capture so much more specifically during automotive or sailing events. I always come back with so much more content when using these lenses compared to primes. I’m sure there will be point in time where I go back to prime lens - but for now zooms are my bread and butter.

Camera: The Sony A7iii is my camera of choice. I think it has the perfect balance between photo and video. With a full-frame sensor it performs amazing in low-light, in some regards even better then the Sony A7sii. And with Sony’s lineup of Gmaster lens - Sony right now has it all for any photo/video professional out there. If you had to ask me what the best camera to buy right now, I’d say the Sony A7iii.

Gimbal: I’ve tried all sorts of different gimbals and I’ve always came back to the DJI Ronin S for its reliability and ease of use. It has the ability to hold extremely heavy camera rigs, allowing me to use a heavy lens like the 24-70 GM with my A7iii and have no balancing issues.

Cameras & Lens

- Sony A7III
- Dji Mavic 2 Pro
- Sony 16-35 F4
- Sony 24-70 F2.8 GM
- Sony 70-200 F2.8
- Sigma 24mm F1.4


- RODE Video Mic Pro
- RODE Smart Lav Kit
- Zoom H5

Accessories & Bags

- Atomos Ninja Blade V
- Sony battery Grip
- Manfrotto 055 Aluminium 3-Section Tripod
- Douchebag Hugger 30L
- Douchebag Explorer (Black)
- DJI Ronin-S